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On Your Way and Underway

Whether you are taking your first trip overseas…or you’ve stopped counting, there is always new and  updated information to be digested before and during a trip. Better packing tips, funky new coffee shops,  air-con blessed guest houses and sudden bed-bug infestations to avoid – the information is constantly  changing.  

Part of the enjoyment of travel, for me at least, comes from following up on tips, and searching out new  and wonderful places to visit. Golden temples, artisan markets, fascinating street vendors and tantalizing  glimpses of day to day life through gates and over garden walls – all of these fascinate me. 

My advice for new travellers – sometimes you just have to go with it. Don’t be afraid to veer off course.  Keep a little room in your schedule for the unexpected detour – it may turn out to be the highlight of your trip. A chance conversation with a fellow traveller or an article in the local english language paper may send you off to see  or do something that becomes a favourite  memory long after you return home. 

While business is the reason for most of  my travel I still try to allow time to  experience the places I visit. The people,  their culture, customs… and food – these  are the things that enrich a trip.  The photos you take and the stories you  collect become your memories of a  country, its heritage and its people.